Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 5 of Summer Camp!

We had an awesome last day of camp! This week has gone by so fast, and we are amazed at all our students have accomplished this week.

We began the morning by playing an icebreaker where students had to work together to flip a full size sheet over without using their hands. They showed great teamwork! We then listened to Dr. Hundley finish reading Skeleton Creek and we watched the final video. It left you with more questions that answers! Thankfully, all of the students received the sequel, Ghost in the Machine. 

Next, the students finished their book trailers and presented them to the group. We were BLOWN AWAY by how well they turned out. Take a moment to watch them, and we'd love it if you left a comment giving the students some feedback!

After our book trailer presentations, students competed in the remainder of the "World Cup Minute to Win It" competition. Congratulations to team Argentina and Germany for tying for first place!

We then enjoyed delicious ice cream donated by Ben & Jerry's and watched the first video from Ghost in the Machine, the sequel to Skeleton Creek.

We are so thrilled with how our first annual Patterson RAPS summer camp turned out. A huge thanks to our students and the Vanderbilt graduate student volunteers for making this week such a success! We hope to see many of you in the Fall! Be sure to apply soon if you are interested because we are filling up fast!

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