Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 5 of Summer Camp!

We had an awesome last day of camp! This week has gone by so fast, and we are amazed at all our students have accomplished this week.

We began the morning by playing an icebreaker where students had to work together to flip a full size sheet over without using their hands. They showed great teamwork! We then listened to Dr. Hundley finish reading Skeleton Creek and we watched the final video. It left you with more questions that answers! Thankfully, all of the students received the sequel, Ghost in the Machine. 

Next, the students finished their book trailers and presented them to the group. We were BLOWN AWAY by how well they turned out. Take a moment to watch them, and we'd love it if you left a comment giving the students some feedback!

After our book trailer presentations, students competed in the remainder of the "World Cup Minute to Win It" competition. Congratulations to team Argentina and Germany for tying for first place!

We then enjoyed delicious ice cream donated by Ben & Jerry's and watched the first video from Ghost in the Machine, the sequel to Skeleton Creek.

We are so thrilled with how our first annual Patterson RAPS summer camp turned out. A huge thanks to our students and the Vanderbilt graduate student volunteers for making this week such a success! We hope to see many of you in the Fall! Be sure to apply soon if you are interested because we are filling up fast!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 4 of Summer Camp

The week is flying by so fast! Today we kicked off things by getting all tangled!  The students stood in a circle and grabbed the hands of those not standing directly next to them. Then we were faced with challenge of untangling. We were impressed by our group's communication skills and team work. It is hard to believe that many of the kids did not know each other before this week!

We moved upstairs where Dr. Hundley continued reading Skeleton Creek. It is a sight to see every student engrossed in the book and the videos.

Following the reading, the students focused on making their book trailers. They filmed short videos, found pictures, and created text. It was fun to see the creative juices flowing! Tomorrow they will finalize and showcase their booktrailers!

We headed back outside to enjoy snack. The Minute Win It game was another display in teamwork. Check it out!

We finished the day working on book trailers, and Dr. Hundley is getting closer to the end of Skeleton Creek. What surprises will she have for them tomorrow?

A big thank you to our graduate students, Bradley, Alycia, and Sabrina for their enthusiasm and their guidance with the book trailers. We are so grateful for your support!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 3 of Summer Camp

It's hard to believe the week is over halfway over! We began this morning by playing another fun icebreaker. Students played a version of "I Spy" around the Atrium while we waited for everyone to arrive.

Next, we listened to Dr. Hundley read further in Skeleton Creek. After that, we continued working on our book trailers. Students finished their planning sheets, began work on their storyboards, watched a tutorial about how to use iMovie on the iPads, and experimented with how to use iMovie in their groups.

After lots of hard work, we went outside and had snack and played another Minute to Win It game. Today's game was called "Face the Cookie" and students had to get a cookie from their foreheads to their mouths without using their hands. We then played a tag game to get our hearts pumping. Next, we found shady places outside to sit and read.

We finished up with Dr. Hundley reading further in Skeleton Creek and showing the accompanying videos. We look forward to Thursday and Friday!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 2 of Summer Camp

We had an awesome second day of camp! The students all arrived on time again (yay, parents!). We began by playing a game where students had to line up in order of their birthdays, without talking to each other. They did surprisingly well! Next, Dr. Hundley continued reading Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman aloud. We were all on the edges of our seats waiting to see what was going to happen next to Ryan and Sarah! Here is the book trailer for Skeleton Creek if you want to see what it is all about.

Next we took a break and played the Minute to Win It game, "Penny Hose". Students had to fish two pennies out of a pair of panty hose within a minute. It was pretty hilarious to watch!

Students then had time to read either The Maze Runner by James Dashner or Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life by James Patterson. Students continued taking notes on post-its, and spent the last few minutes of reading time sharing what they had read with each other. After the students read, they continued reviewing book trailers. They also began taking notes for the book trailers that they are going to be starting tomorrow. We can't wait to see what they come up with!

Finally, Dr. Hundley read some more from Skeleton Creek, and we finished up with another creepy video from the website that accompanies the book. We are looking forward to lots of fun to come the rest of the week!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 1 of Summer Camp - "I am already afraid!"

Our first ever Patterson RAPS Summer Camp started off with a bang. A big thank you for our parents for getting the students here on time. We started the day with an icebreaker to learn names and to check our reflexes. We moved upstairs, and the students were so pumped to plop down on their inflatable chairs. After establishing that the chairs couldn't go home, but instead here for us to enjoy we dug into our books. Dr. Hundley introduced our first book, Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman. The story is broken down into 2 parts. Ryan's text into the book and Sarah's videos on a special website. After hearing her introduction, there was a chorus of "let's get started" and "I am already afraid." Dr. Hundley read aloud, and the students followed along on the edge of their seats. They marked clues along the way.

Following the reading and video, we headed to the Wyatt lawn for our snack. We had some time to get to know one another better. After we had enough of the heat, we headed back in and Ms. Reddy and Mrs. D introduced our 2 book choices for the week, Maze Runner and Middle School the Worst Years of My Life. After making their choices, students read silently or in small groups. They were given a bookmark with notations to mark funny parts, questions and so on... with their pencils and postists. The staff were so impressed by the students' focus and interest in the books.

After their reading, students were broken into pairs for the week, and each team represented a country playing in the World Cup. We went to the atrium of the Wyatt Center, and the students played Minute to Win games. The students were given a task or game and given 1 minute to finish it. Please ask your middle schooler to share. It could lead to some fun family competition. We are keeping score to see which team will come out on top! The students had a great time, and were great sports win or lose.

We moved back upstairs, and Mrs. D. explained to the students that they would be creating book trailers this week. Students watched 4 book trailers and recorded comments and ideas for their book trailers later in the week. Dr. Pendergrass shared a video of Patrick Carmen himself talking to our group! We ended the session with one more installment by Dr. Hundley of Skeleton Creek, and the last video caused almost the entire to jump in surprise! What a fantastic group, and we are looking forward to a week fun filled week of reading!

A big thank you to Dr. Pendergrass's students, Erin, Bradley, Paige, and Eno who helped make today a success!