Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cameron 2/21

Our week at Cameron was quite different than usual, but it was certainly a fun and informative experience! As the students began a unit on inventors, with a particular focus on Steve Jobs, we thought that we could have a good time with some activities that mimicked coding! After watching a video that explained some programming basics, we gave students a sheet that had sample commands and designs.

These designs and commands were for students to imitate programmers and a "robot" that would follow the "algorithms." Some students would write commands using this formula, which would allow other students to build a cup structure. After sequestering our "robot," the students got to work! After writing down directions on a sheet of paper, the separate student would return, and try to recreate the picture by using the sheet. 

Though there were some struggles in this new style of activity, our students came to love the concept! We hope to build on this idea of coding in the future, and we think that, along with readings on inventors and computers, we can help the students in writing some basic code. 

Some of our students built impressive displays, and we can't wait to see what happens when we transfer these skills to other pursuits!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Litton Middle School 2/16

Several Litton RAPS students represented the program so well at the community breakfast last week. We are so proud of them and their enthusiasm for reading. It was awesome!

On Friday, students settled in with their book club groups to discuss while they worked on a creative project. They worked on creating postcards from their book. The front image represented a theme, symbol, or scene of their book. On the back, students wrote a message describing the scene. Some students plan to take on the perspective of one of their characters. 

The students really enjoyed working on these postcards and we will continue with the project next week. Most groups are finishing up their books, so we will begin a new round of book clubs in the next few weeks.  

Two of the students reading A Long Walk to Water working on their postcards. We love seeing their artistic talent.

The group reading Refugee discusses their favorite quotes and characters before beginning their postcards.
Some of the Litton RAPS group representing the program at the Litton Community Breakfast!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

McMurray 2/16

We began this RAPS club time by asking students to share what they noticedThe Arrival by Shaun Tan.  As they flipped through the pages for the first time, they noticed that pages looked old, that it is strange that there are no words, and that it looks like a comic book.  We collectively thought about how we can read a book that has no words by asking questions and analyzing what the pictures.

After this brief introduction, we split into three groups, to read and to make the origami birds that appears as a frequent symbol in this graphic novel.

Origami was new to many students, and some absolutely loved it, taking home more paper to try their hand at it again.  Others got a bit stumped with some folding patterns and were very glad to have finished one!

Their birds will soon grace Ms. Barrack's classroom as a decoration and fun reminder of what they made.

We look forward to exploring The Arrival  again in two weeks!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wright Feb. 13

Discussion started heating up today as students began making connections between images and the story in The Arrival by Shaun Tan.  Last week, students had found where all the origami was in the book, to see if they notice a pattern with this symbol.  Rappers thought that they represented hope, love and a connection to his daughter.  A few students connected origami to letter writing, and spent about thirty minutes working to connect different parts of the story, still working on reading a graphic novel with no text.

Next week, we will continue with The Arrival, origami, and letter writing!