Monday, May 16, 2016

April 30th

We finished up our last week of RAPS with a packed schedule. All groups worked diligently to finish filming their movie scenes and edit the final product. The students collaborated and acted in each of the films. Their creativity with the resources we had available made the final films exciting to watch. We took time at the end of the session to rotate in groups to watch each of the films. We even had some parents join in on the watching! For the finale of our last day, our students and their families stayed for lunch and watched the 7th an 8th grade group’s multimedia project presentation. It has been a joy to work with and learn with these students this year!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

April 16 Meeting

We warmed up our brains with some brain teasers before jumping into our films.  The fifth and sixth graders planned and filmed their "movie moments."  We are excited to finish editing and show off our films at our April 30th session!

The seventh and eighth grade students continued working on their transmedia story.  The students did a table-read for an upcoming scene and practiced giving each other feedback on ways to improve line delivery.  Later, they spent some time reading more of I Kill the Mockingbird, and we brainstormed what quotes from the novel would be good to feature on a t-shirt.  The students have done tremendous work this year, and we hope that they'll be able to complete the last scene of their transmedia story during our April 30th meeting.  

See you then!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 2 Meeting

     We had a busy day with both groups at our April 2 meeting!  Fifth and Sixth graders chose a book of their own and chose a scene that they would like to turn into a "movie moment."  We thought about all we had learned from analyzing other books that had been turned into movies, and began creating story boards for our own films!  We are excited to begin filming at our next session.
     The seventh and eighth graders continued to make progress on their transmedia story.  We filmed the bathroom section of scene 2, and created the tumbler that will post our story.  We also filmed part of scene 3 with the detectives.

See you all at our April 16 session!


Friday, March 18, 2016

March 12 Meeting

     Minute to Win It Challenges were back on at our March 12 meeting! Keeping three balloons in the air for a whole minute definitely required some teamwork!  After some healthy competition, we split into our groups.
     The 5th and 6th graders had some time to continue analyzing their stories for "nonnegotiable" elements that they would not want changed in the movie version of their novels.  They then had some time to enjoy watching the movies, and think about what changes were made and why.  They were surprised by how many they saw right in the beginning of the films!  We are all looking forward to wrapping up the movies next time, as well as thinking about books of our choice to bring to life on the big screen.
     In the 7th and 8th grade group, they started with a table read of their year long multimedia story! One by one, the students read their lines around the table and practiced conveying emotion and adding emphasis to certain lines.  Then the students divided up into actoring, filming, and directing teams to focus on details for the script.  These groups worked on the first few scenes, practiced filming, and did some read throughs.  We are excited for them to start filming after MNPS Spring Break!

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See you March 26!